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Wednesday, August 22 2018 @ 02:28 AM GMT

Constitution signed



Dear all,
On behalf of the EFPT Board, I am delighted to inform you of the great
news - the EFPT Constitution was signed on 26th of February, 2010, in

Brussels and we have now officially become a NGO, pending the
blessings of the Belgian King!

This brings to an end of the long and arduous journey, which started
several years ago. I feel honored that this important point of the
history of the EFPT happened during my presidency. However, I would
like to remind all us of the story of the EFPT Constitution and to
thank all the people who made all this possible. The initial idea

about when our previous treasurer Tommi Väyrynen (Finland) looked into
options of obtaining EU funding and realized that to obtain this EFPT
will have to register as an official organization. This idea and
objective was strongly supported  by Julian Beezhold (Past President,
UK)  and Roberts Klotins (past-President, Latvia), who laid the
foundation for the registration process. The constitution working
group, especially Estelle Brenon (France), Sameer Jauhar (UK), Eva
Weiss (Austria) and Marie Bendix (Sweden) did a fantastic job in
building up the initial document and keeping us honest throughout the
process. Many colleagues in the French delegation, including Stephanie
and Laetitia must be thanked for guiding us through the many nuances
of the French language and the Belgian French culture of the notary.
Guillaume Favre (Switzerland) picked up this mantle in the final
stages and supported us with his skillful command over the French
language-especially during the signing in Brussels.   Two of my
predecessors,  Andreas Zachariadis (Past, President, Greece) and Kajsa
Norstrom (Past-President, Sweden) and their boards did a great job in
driving this forward.
 Finally, I would like to thank our immediate Past President, Amit
Malik (UK) who, along with his colleague,  Joanna Carroll from The
Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK has been the driving force behind
this hugely bureaucratic task and has gently (and sometimes, not so
gently!) guided all of us towards this final destination. He signed
the constitution on all our behalves in Brussels last Friday (picture
attached) and we are very grateful for his leadership through this

The registration and legalization of the EFPT will open a new chapter
for us, that I am sure will be filled with new opportunities. This
will obviously bring a lot of new tasks for us, but at the same time,
it will allow us to act more freely as the organization as we are: an
equal partner engaged with other professional associations in shaping

educational and mental health care policies in Europe.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Dubrovnik, our first
extraordinary assembly,

Best regards,
Martina Rojnic Kuzman, M.D., Ph.D.

President of the EFPT

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Authored by: Trides on Wednesday, June 19 2013 @ 09:42 AM GMT Congrats People!
This is totally great news! Man, I'm so glad that our little community has officially becomed a NGO. Thank you for all that worked hard and yours truly will certainly use this as a driving force in my licensure exam. I really want to become a well-respected Pyshciatrist someday. I know that I still need to do a lot of things such as thesis editing but its okay to dream, right? I'll do whatever it takes to finish my studies so wait for me people because I'll be coming.
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