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Sunday, June 24 2018 @ 01:23 AM GMT

Working towards registration...


The board has now been working with the statues, e.g. “Articles of Association” according to Belgium law. The procedure has taken longer time than we expected due to the process has been quit complicated and we wanted as accurate draft as possible.

We want to minimize the hours we need to consult an attorney to have the document authorized.  In the process we have had god help from the FAIB.

To have as accurate and precise “Articles of Association” as possible we have been working with the former documents that have been published by the EFPT in this issue. The documents are following:

The draft from the Registration and Constitution group published 2007.

Constitution established 26 March 1993. 

The Constitution Proposal June 14th 2006. Riga

The EUFAMI “Articles of Association”

The FAIB, Practical Guide for registration of an International Associations in Belgium.


The today published proposal of EFPT Articles of Association is as simple but the same time as accurate as the Belgium Government requires. No more, no less.

It’s of vital importance that you as representatives, from the National Trainee Associations/Organisations, read it through thoroughly and understand the Articles of Association and what the responsibilities and expectations on and in the Federation means to your organisation/associations.

You will now have the possibility to comment on the proposal and these comments will be considered before we meet the attorney in Brussels. 

The meeting with the Attorney are planned to be the 24th of April. This will mean that you have 5 ½ weeks to comment on the proposal. We hope this is enough and are well aware that it’s not the full 6 weeks as we planned, but we hope you will have indulgence due to the complicated issue. We need to have the signing meeting before the Gothenburg Forum so the Registration process with the Belgium Government starts before the summer vacations. The actual registration process will take at least 2-4 month.

The signing meeting are planned to be held the 24th of May

between 14-16 am in London.


You are most welcome!

For the Board of EFPT 2007/2008

Kajsa B Norström



Check the articles of association here

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